What materials the artwork made of?

For the paintings mainly polystyrene and plaster for the oldest. Acrylic paint is used and then a varnish depending on the surface.

What process was used to create the paintings?

For the paintings sculpted in polystyrene, Didier Bécet drew his ideas on a sketchbook and then retranscribed the idea of the final painting on transparent paper, which was projected onto a block of polystyrene and then sculpted.
Once the sculpture was on the canvas, the work was painted and then varnished.

How many Artworks do you have in the private collection?

Approximately 150 Paintings and 50 Sculptures.


What process do you use to scan the paintings?

We use photogrammetry, a process that consists of taking photos from different points of view around an object, then extracting the data through algorithms to create a precise 3D model.
Learn more at : www.lescan3d.fr

What camera do you use?

We currently use a Sony A7RII with a 35mm fixed lens.

Are the colors authentic?

We calibrate the photos of each painting using a color checker.

What is the weight of your 3D models?

Each "web" model weighs less than 5mb, between 10mb and 15mb for the "best" model of the gallery. Composed of 50.000 triangles and using a single 4k or 8k texture.

Why using baked lighting on your 3d model?

Keeping baked lighting allows us to make a model photorealistic using only one texture. We avoid models with complex and heavy textures and materials for a web display.